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2016 Wedding Reel!

2015 was an AMAZING year at Message in a Bottle. We grew in style, confidence and end product.  Our 2016 Wedding Reel is a culmination of many of our favorite moments from our 2015 weddings.  We are so proud of the growth we have accomplished and the stories of love we have captured in time for our clients.  Take a look at our new reel and feel the power of the video medium in capturing the essence of love.

Thank you to all of our amazing couples in 2015 (and before) who trusted us to tell your stories and capture the memories of your wedding day.  Without you, none of this would be possible.

Without further ado, our 2016 Wedding Reel:

The New Website is Up!

We are so proud to announce that our new website is up and running.  I have to send a huge thank you out to the Message In a Bottle staff who all poured their talents in this new webpage. Super shout out to our own VERY talented Josh Gilmore.  Who not only designed our new logo, but also created this shiny new site.  We are excited about the future of providing high quality video to the Memphis area and creating even more wedding films for our fantastic customers.

The journey Message in a Bottle Productions has been on over the past few years has been a wild ride and I couldn’t have gotten to this point with the support of my friends, family, fantastically dedicated employees and countless area wedding and video professionals who have locked arms and decided to work together.  I am humbled by the progress made in the journey so far and I look forward to the bright future Message in a Bottle hold.




Wedding Tears of Joy

When I first met Kiley I met a beautiful bride excited about her upcoming wedding day.  Andria Lewis Events, LLC was her wedding planner and Andria, Kiley, and I met at a Starbucks to discuss our wedding videography services.  At the meeting I learned all about her fantastic wedding. She told me of the plans she and Lofton had to celebrate their special day.  It came time for me to present Message in a Bottle’s work.  I explained our packages, our style, and our vision.  She was onboard and we were on the same page about how we wanted to capture the memories yet still be invisible at the wedding.  Our company has worked with Andria Lewis Events many times, so Andira’s comfort and familiarity with our services made her bride more at ease.  Finally it was time to show her some video samples of Message in a Bottle Productions’ work.  I picked one of my favorite wrap up videos set her up with my laptop and pressed play.  She watched intently as the couple in the video prepared for their big moment, and then celebrated their love.  By the time the bride walked down the asile in the video Kiley was in tears.  These were happy tears.  They were tears of joy.  She was so excited about her wedding that when she thought about picturing herself in that moment the emotions were overwhelming.  We all had a nice sweet laugh after the video and yes, she booked our services.  I was excited to get to be a part of a day that meant so much to a bride.  As I prepped my team, I made sure (just like I do every weekend) that we remember that we are capturing priceless memories for our clients and to always make sure that we do our best.
Kiley’s wedding was this weekend and WOW was it great!  Kiley looked stunning in her dress and Lofton was a handsome and proud groom.  You could just see the love between these two.  The wedding went off without a hitch and the joy had been captured.  It was such a pleasure getting to edit what I knew was going to be such a special wrap up video.  I wish I could be there when Kiley watches it and finally sees herself as the beautiful bride that she was.
I know I have said it before but I LOVE MY JOB!!!  Thank you Kiley and Lofton for letting us be a special part of your wedding day.  Also thank you to Andria Lewis Events for putting on an amazing wedding and for introducing us to Kiley and Lofton.
Check out their wrap up video and see the love for yourself.
Their love brings tears of joy to my heart!
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A Beautiful Love Story

We wanted to take minute to share with you a Love Story from a very special wedding that we covered.  Dr. Todd Payne & Dr. Angela Holloway tied the knot on July 6th.  They used our DIAMOND package which included a Love Story Video shown at your wedding.  We filmed the story of their love about 2 weeks before their wedding.  I thought we would share the video with all of you!

Aren’t they adorable!!  They saw this video for the first time at their wedding.  Tears of love fell all around the room!  It was a beautiful moment!

Here is the wrap up video from the wedding day if you need to see more!

What a joy to get to capture the memories of such special love!  
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Sexton Wedding Wrap Up

Fun!  We could end this blog post here.  That is the only word that needs to be said about this wedding!  Sure we could use Beautiful, a Celebration of Love, Amazing, Heart-felt ….  but really, it was FUN!

The bride and groom had such a great sense of humor and the bridal party felt so comfortable that everyone had a good time.

The wedding was at the Woodland Hills Convention Center and we have never seen that place look better.

The groom hailed to Memphis to follow his bride from New Jersey.  If everyone is as cool in Jersey maybe we should move there!  Wait ….  it’s cold there, so were staying right here!  In fact these it snowed on their wedding day here in Memphis!  It’s a sign! ;)

The jewish ceremony was beautiful!  The Rabbi was a master of his craft and delivered a touching service that really celebrated the love these two shared and recognized the commitment they were making.

Dancing, Food, and Fellowship followed!

Thank you to everyone involved!  We had a great time getting to be a part of your special day!

 Check out their Wedding Wrap Up Video and make sure you watch all the way until the end!

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Kevin Barré Photography – Memphis Wedding Photographer


That is the word we use when describing Kevin Barré Photography.  If you are looking for stunning images of your special day that have a modern style and a dynamic feel then look no further than Kevin Barré Photography!  Kevin  has been Photographing Memphis Weddings for over 20 years and knows how to make your day stress free while capturing images that you will cherish for a lifetime!
When my brides ask me what they should look for in a wedding photographer I tell them to look for 3 things:
1. Style
2. Value
3. Attitude

1. Style: Look at these images! Kevin Barré has an elegant style unmatched in the Memphis Wedding market!  The smooth textures, expert lighting, and brilliant composition make his photos stand out above the pack.

 2. Value: How do you put a value on priceless memories?  How can you look at these images and not want an artist like this to spend your wedding day with you? Kevin’s packages offer AMAZING value with bonuses like photobooks, images delivered on USB, canvas prints, and more!  These items are great, but the real value is having someone with as much experience as Kevin in charge of the memories of your big day!
3. Attitude:  You want a photographer at your wedding that is going to make you feel comfortable steeping out of your normal routine.  There is so much to do on your wedding day! You need a photographer that is driven to get you the results you desire, but laid back enough to go with the flow.  Kevin Barré is exactly that!  I have watched Kevin get amazing pictures in less than ideal situations without ever breaking a sweat. You need a photographer that has the attitude that they want to make your day better.  I have worked along Kevin at so many weddings where he has displayed this exact attitude that is so crucial to being a great wedding photographer.

Having worked with Kevin Barré Photography so many times we are so comfortable recommending him as one of the BEST wedding photographers in Memphis.  We have seen his images from so many weddings and every time we see them we are blown away at their clarity, quality, and style.  
Kevin Barré Photography also shoots engagement photos, special events, and more.
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Of course we love working right alongside Kevin Barré Photography capturing the memories of your big day on video. Our tag team of photo and video will keep the memories of your wedding day vivid for the rest of your life!
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