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2016 Wedding Reel!

2015 was an AMAZING year at Message in a Bottle. We grew in style, confidence and end product.  Our 2016 Wedding Reel is a culmination of many of our favorite moments from our 2015 weddings.  We are so proud of the growth we have accomplished and the stories of love we have captured in time for our clients.  Take a look at our new reel and feel the power of the video medium in capturing the essence of love.

Thank you to all of our amazing couples in 2015 (and before) who trusted us to tell your stories and capture the memories of your wedding day.  Without you, none of this would be possible.

Without further ado, our 2016 Wedding Reel:

The New Website is Up!

We are so proud to announce that our new website is up and running.  I have to send a huge thank you out to the Message In a Bottle staff who all poured their talents in this new webpage. Super shout out to our own VERY talented Josh Gilmore.  Who not only designed our new logo, but also created this shiny new site.  We are excited about the future of providing high quality video to the Memphis area and creating even more wedding films for our fantastic customers.

The journey Message in a Bottle Productions has been on over the past few years has been a wild ride and I couldn’t have gotten to this point with the support of my friends, family, fantastically dedicated employees and countless area wedding and video professionals who have locked arms and decided to work together.  I am humbled by the progress made in the journey so far and I look forward to the bright future Message in a Bottle hold.




Wedding Tears of Joy

When I first met Kiley I met a beautiful bride excited about her upcoming wedding day.  Andria Lewis Events, LLC was her wedding planner and Andria, Kiley, and I met at a Starbucks to discuss our wedding videography services.  At the meeting I learned all about her fantastic wedding. She told me of the plans she and Lofton had to celebrate their special day.  It came time for me to present Message in a Bottle’s work.  I explained our packages, our style, and our vision.  She was onboard and we were on the same page about how we wanted to capture the memories yet still be invisible at the wedding.  Our company has worked with Andria Lewis Events many times, so Andira’s comfort and familiarity with our services made her bride more at ease.  Finally it was time to show her some video samples of Message in a Bottle Productions’ work.  I picked one of my favorite wrap up videos set her up with my laptop and pressed play.  She watched intently as the couple in the video prepared for their big moment, and then celebrated their love.  By the time the bride walked down the asile in the video Kiley was in tears.  These were happy tears.  They were tears of joy.  She was so excited about her wedding that when she thought about picturing herself in that moment the emotions were overwhelming.  We all had a nice sweet laugh after the video and yes, she booked our services.  I was excited to get to be a part of a day that meant so much to a bride.  As I prepped my team, I made sure (just like I do every weekend) that we remember that we are capturing priceless memories for our clients and to always make sure that we do our best.
Kiley’s wedding was this weekend and WOW was it great!  Kiley looked stunning in her dress and Lofton was a handsome and proud groom.  You could just see the love between these two.  The wedding went off without a hitch and the joy had been captured.  It was such a pleasure getting to edit what I knew was going to be such a special wrap up video.  I wish I could be there when Kiley watches it and finally sees herself as the beautiful bride that she was.
I know I have said it before but I LOVE MY JOB!!!  Thank you Kiley and Lofton for letting us be a special part of your wedding day.  Also thank you to Andria Lewis Events for putting on an amazing wedding and for introducing us to Kiley and Lofton.
Check out their wrap up video and see the love for yourself.
Their love brings tears of joy to my heart!
To find out more about Andria Lewis Events, LLC check out their website
To find out how we can be a part of your special day contact
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Office : (901) 490-1275
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DentSim Dental Simulator

Last week we LiveStreamed 3 days of coverage for Dentsim a Dental Simulator at
the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in Memphis, TN.  Dr. Scott Hollis spent those three days telling clients around the world about the positive aspects of teaching on a DentSim unit.  It was incredibly interesting to see how the unit worked and how the students benefitted from the hands on training.

Above is a quick video we did to kind of wrap up the week for them.  Hope you enjoy!

You can learn more about their product on their website at

Message in a Bottle Productions
Office: (901) 490-1275
Cell: (205) 862-3508

A Wedding Season Thank You!

We have been so wrapped up with capturing the memories of so many couples!  We just wanted to take a quick break to say thank you to all of our past, present, and future clients who have trusted us with capturing the memories of their wedding day.  We take our job seriously and we love what we do!  There is no greater joy for our team than capturing that timeless moment of emotion that will represent your love for a lifetime.  We have many available dates left for the fall and we are already booking for 2014.  Please contact us today to find out if we are a good fit to fill the videography needs of your wedding.

Thank you again from the ENTIRE Message in a Bottle Productions team!

Message in a Bottle Productions

Backing up Hard Drives

Hi Bottlers! (I think I am going to call my blog audience that from now on! )
I was lucky!  I saw the signs coming!  I sit at my computer all day and I was aware that our backup hard drive was getting weak!  I heard the odd sounds, I smelled the heat.
So I pulled the important documents and Double backed them up!
Today my main backup hard drive is making such a terrible noise!  It sounds like a hamster chewing on a chalkboard.  Not sure if it will even boot!  
Do you know how much that stresses me out??  Very little! Because my backup is backed up! 
As a video and computer pro we encourage you to take your precious video memories, photos, documents and more and BACK THEM UP!  
You will be so glad that you didn’t lose your life of work.  
Just wanted to pass that along to you!  
At Message in a Bottle we us G-Drives.  The drive that failed was our only Drive that isn’t a G-Drive.
Check them out!  Back up your stuff!  And let up know if there are any of your video memories that we can help you preserve.  
-Justin (Back it on up) Croninger
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